Our Publications

We issue the Journal of Management Science and Business & Accounting Research. The Journals aim to contribute to promote business management and accounting studies . It publishes papers once a year dealing with Business, Finance, Accounting, Management and related fields.

2015/12/30, Business & Accounting Research Vol.3 published. [vol4 contents]
2015/12/30, Journal of Management Science Vol.5 published. [vol6 contents]
2014/12/30, Business & Accounting Research Vol.3 published. [vol3 contents]
2014/12/30, Journal of Management Science Vol.5 published. [vol5 contents]
2013/12/30, Business & Accounting Research Vol.2 published. [vol2 contents]
2013/12/30, Journal of Management Science Vol.4 published. [vol4 contents]
2012/12/30, Business & Accounting Research Vol.1 published. [vol1 contents]
2012/12/30, Journal of Management Science Vol.3 published. [vol3 contents]
2011/12/30, Journal of Management Science Vol.2 published. [vol2 contents]
2010/12/30, Journal of Management Science Vol.1 published. [vol1 contents]

Journal of Management Science ISSN :2185-9310
Business & Accounting Research ISSN: 2187-4964

Requirements for Submissions

(1)Manuscript Classifications
-Refereed Paper:The papers should be related to Management Science or Accounting and its original in its research methods and/or results. The papers are double blind reviewed. Standard number of pages is 10 and the maximum number of pages is 12.
-Research Note :The research note should be a prompt report of research methods and/or results. The standard number of pages is 6.

(2)Conditions for Submission
The main part of the manuscript must not be in the process of being published, or have been published or in the process of being submitted to any domestic or international scientific journals, periodicals or commercial magazines.
The authors should adhere that the content and description of the manuscript must not engage in other copyrights, human rights in the research and ethical principles.

(3)Handling of Submitted Manuscripts Upon submission, specify manuscript classification to reviewed.
The submitted manuscript will be double blind reviewed by members of the Editorial Board and handled in the following manner:
A. Accept
B. Accept under the condition of making minor adjustments
C. Manuscript will be re-examined after author makes adjustments accordingto the recommendations by the reviewers and chair of the Editorial Board
D. Reject
In the cases of manuscripts that need to be revised, manuscripts re-submitted after a few weeks will be treated as newly submitted manuscripts.

Editorial Board of Our Journal

Editor in Chief
Dr. Raymond GORDON (RMIT University Vietnam,AUS)

Editor in Subchief
Dr. Satoshi IWATA (Iwate Prefectural University,JPN)

Editorial Board Members
Dr. Shigekazu ASAI (Miyazaki Sangyo-Keiei University, JPN)
Dr. Kazuhiro BAI (Reitaku University, JPN)
Dr.YongYi Qian (Soochow University, CHN)
Shinya FUJINO (Reitaku University,JPN)
Kenta YANAGITA (Miyazaki Gakuen Junior College,JPN)