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International Conference on Business Management 2010 in Hawaii (closed)

Ho’okipa as Responsible Business: 21st Business Management Prospects

The JASMA, BMSJ, ABA and JCSA, in cooperation with JAIMS (Japan-America Institute of Management Science), is sponsoring the International Conference on Business Management in Honolulu, Hawaii, at August 30-31, 2010. Expansion of international business and management exchange requires us to expand our scope, encourage academic knowledge exchange, and increase our relationships among academic societies and organizations.
The ICBM2010 provides an excellent opportunity for the academic and business communities to share cutting-edge research in all areas of Business, Finance, Accounting, Management and related fields. We invite colleagues throughout the world to present new findings and insights, discuss current issues, and strengthen personal networks.

Conference Co-Chairs

Prof. Takeo Tachikawa (ABA, Yokohama College of Commerce)
Dr. Blair M. T. Odo (JAIMS, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer)

Operation Committee

Dr. Kazuhiro Bai(Reitaku University, Chief Director of JASMA)
Dr. Kenichiro Yoshida(Reitaku University, Board Director of JCSA)
Dr. Kanae Teramoto(Yokohama College of Commerce, Board Director of ABA)

Referee Committee

Dr. Shin’ichiro Sakamoto(Miyagi University, President of JMWS)
Dr. Masato Kamekawa(Rikkyo University, Board Director of JASMA)
Dr. Satoshi Iwata(Iwate Prefectural University, Board Director of ABA)


Dr. Naoki Murata(Nihon University, President of JASMA)
Dr. Katsutoshi Ayano(Tokai University, President of BMSJ)
Prof. Kozo Iwanabe(Saitama University, President of JCSA)
Prof. Masanori Okada(Shukutoku University, Chief Director of BMSJ)
Prof. Isoshi Toguchi(Institute of Public-Service Management, Chief Director of JCSA)

Keynote Session 1

Dr. Tatsumi Shimada
Emeritus Professor of Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Technology and Setsunan University

Tatsumi Shimada is currently Visiting Researcher of Institute of Information Security. He received his PhD. in Business Administration from Osaka City University. His experience and research is in the fields of management information systems. He has published about 75 articles on information management, e-Government, strategic outsourcing, and information ethics. His main publications include “The Impacts of Information Technology of Organizations in Japanese Companies” in Management Impact of Information Technology (edited by E.Szewzak, C.Snodgrass, & M.Khosrowpour, Idea Group Publishing, 1991), “IS Outsourcing Practices in the USA, Japan, and Finland: A Comparative Study,” Journal of Information Technology (with U.M.Apte, M.G.Sobol, T.Saarinen, T.Salmela, A.P.J.Vepsalainen, & S.Hanaoka, Vol.12,Dec., 1998), and “Electronic Government in Japan: IT Utilization Status of Local Governments,”(with K.Ushida) in Managing IT in Government, Business & Communities (edited G.Gingrich, IRM Press, 2003).

Keynote Session 2

Prof. Frank Haas
Dean for Hospitality, Business, and Legal Education at Kapi‘olani Community College

Frank Haas is Dean for Hospitality, Business, and Legal Education at Kapi‘olani Community College. He has taught courses in tourism marketing and destination management as well as the Executive Development in Tourism (EDIT) program for travel professionals and has been involved in planning projects for tourism, government, and non-profit organizations. He is currently doing tourism training for the Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority in the United Arab Emirates.
Prior to joining the university, Frank served as Vice President and Director of Marketing for the Hawai‘i Tourism Authority, the state’s lead tourism agency. He was responsible for overseeing $50 million in marketing programs and contracts including leisure marketing, the Hawai‘i Convention Center, sports, and the Hawai‘i Arts Season. His marketing career in Hawai‘i includes advertising and marketing positions in tourism, fast food, and high tech. In 1999-2000, he was national chair of the 40,000 member American Marketing Association. Frank earned an undergraduate degree in journalism and an MBA from Northwestern University. Frank has been a featured speaker at international, national, and Hawai‘i conferences on marketing.
Frank has a long history of community service in Hawai‘i and currently serves on several Hawai‘i community boards including American Marketing Association, Read to Me International, Hawai‘i Book and Music Festival, Hawai‘i State Art Museum, and Historic Hawai‘i Foundation. On the national level, he recently served on an advisory board for the U.S. Census and has spoken at national and regional conferences on tourism and marketing.
Frank and his wife Susan live in Kailua, Hawai‘i.

Submitted Papers

Proceedings of International Conference on Business Management Volume 1, ISSN 2185-5137